Welcome to Spapaws canine hydrotherapy pool


I am delighted to be able to provide this fantastic service, so that everyone can have the opportunity to offer their dog the chance to swim in this warm, welcoming and quiet indoor setting and experience the benefits and pleasure that swimming can bring. Great for fun, exercise and rehabilitation!


Here is a bit more information about myself and how Spapaws came about …. My name is Melanie Dey and I have been here in New Zealand now for 10 years having arrived from the UK in February 2004 for three weeks! I’ve always been an animal lover and enjoy working with them. I’ve spent a lot of time in veterinary clinics, kennels and working on farms. I’ve nearly always had a dog (we have had a sausage dog of just about every colour, size and variety as well as a Cavalier King Charles, Yorkshire Terrier and of course the family favourite a black Labrador), a horse or pony and as a child many other small critters would be running around such as rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils and hamsters.


Since being in New Zealand I have fulfilled a lifelong ambition to become a qualified Veterinary Nurse, and most recently passed two Certificates in Hydrotherapy through the accredited Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy Centre UK.


Spapaws has taken over 18 months to go from being a dream project to a working business. Many months of research, training and meeting people in similar environments before finally being able to get set up. I am now delighted to be able to bring this wonderful opportunity to the dogs of Ashburton, Timaru, surrounding areas and of course anyone else that can get here. All are welcome.


Spapaws has been set up on our 2 acre family property, offering a lovely quiet peaceful setting. Just set on the town boundary we are very easy to find and have parking set aside just for your convenience.


The above ground, fiberglass pool offers your dog a safe and warm environment with the water heated to a temperature ranging from 26 – 31 degrees.


Safe non-slip ramps are provided for entering and exiting the pool, with a ramp inside the pool for your dog to rest on between exercises.


More details can be found on the other pages but please if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ring, email, text, or message me via facebook and I will get right back to you to discuss your enquiry in more detail.

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